Welcome to the Future of Parking

Parking Pin is a robust real time solution that helps administration understand their school’s parking habits, alerts their teams of traffic concerns, and increases the communication of parking matters that affect their student body daily.

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What Sets Us Apart

  • No Physical Hardware
    Save cost on installations and maintenance with our hardware-free product.
  • Commuter Focused
    Our dual system provides a connected driver and administration experience.
  • A Unified Platform
    Communications, Permitting, and Analytics all in one place.

Administration Dashboard

Make changes to lot access and send updates about parking availability directly to commuters.

Assesses current and future parking behaviors and expedites reporting processes.

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Commuter Platform

Offers Safer, Smarter, and Faster Parking

Safer: Less accidents from confusion/lack of direction

Smarter: Reduces congestion and show parking availablity

Faster: Decreases the time spent searching for parking

M   maps parking occupancy

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  • Quick Setup

    No physical installations required

  • Integrations

    Pair with your current permit provider

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Hands on service when you need it

Runs on Unicorn Platform