About Parking Pin

Parking Pin will pioneer the industry forward with virtual parking solutions that empower thousands of commuters and strengthen hundreds of campuses across the globe.

About Us

Navigating parking on campuses has been a struggle for everyone. Whether it is locating parking near desired destinations, finding parking in a timely manner, or lacking the tools to efficiently communicate to the campus population. As campus populations grow every year, finding parking only gets harder. From daily campus operations, school events, and special occasions it becomes harder to find and to know where the best place to park is.

In 2020, Parkin Pin was created to make parking punctual. Our goal is to increase transparent communication between administration and commuters, decrease frustration, reduce manual processes for reporting, and improve understanding of campus parking patterns.

At Parking Pin, our team is committed to creating a robust real time solution that helps administration understand their school’s parking habits, alerts their teams of traffic concerns, and increases the communication of parking matters that affect their student body daily. We take pride in increasing campus communication, understanding parking behaviors, informing your student body directly to their mobile devices, and improving traffic flow and redirection.

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We connect parking administration to students, students to campus and streamline parking in real-time for your commuter needs.

Our Values

We believe in a future that embodies our core values in order to reach success, so we work at them everyday.

Our values

Change the World with Us

At Parking Pin, we firmly believe that a vision without execution is mere hallucination, and we will continue to push boundaries and surpass milestones until parking is made punctual across the world.

Meet the Team

We are a team of visionary leaders and pioneers in the parking industry.  

Our team is comprised of skilled engineers who possess expertise in traffic, transportation, software, and structural engineering. Other members of our team have extensive experience in Sales, Marketing, Information Security, and Product Development.

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