Parking Pin aims to lead the industry with affordable and accessible parking solutions, helping thousands of commuters and supporting hundreds of organizations worldwide.


Navigating parking on a university campus can be a struggle for anyone. After the founders experienced the pains of circling and tardiness as former college students, the idea of Parking Pin was born in hope to make parking a frictionless experience for all.

After further research, they saw an opportunity to bring about profound change in the parking industry to improve how administrators can deliver an exceptional service experience to their commuter populations.

At Parking Pin, we are driven by a singular mission – to make parking simple and more accessible for everyone. 

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Make parking a frictionless experience for communities across the globe.

Our Values

We believe in a future that embodies our core values in order to reach success, so we work at them everyday.

Our values


Our team is comprised of skilled engineers who possess expertise in traffic, transportation, software, and structural engineering. Other members of our team have extensive experience in Sales, Marketing, Information Security, and Product Development.

Change the world with us

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