Campus Parking At Your Fingertips

Our mobile application let's commuters visualize parking availability in real-time. Administration can instantly streamline parking updates to alert commuters of parking changes and allows them to follow parking rules and regulations represented on the Map that help enforce compliance.

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How It Works

Setup your account in 4 easy steps and unlock the full potential of your campus.

Core Features

A tool that streamlines communication to commuters, helping them plan their journey while taking the hassle out of finding parking on campus.

  • Real time occupancy (5)

    View Live Parking Conditions

    Enables visitors and commuters to make smarter parking decisions ultimately decreasing time spent on parking.

  • Permit & vehicle select

    Keep Track of Privileges

    Administration can create unique permit types for visitors and all other commuters. This provides better clarity to commuters about permit access, helping them make wiser purchase decisions at anytime.

  • Notifications (2)

    Your New Co-Pilot for Parking

    Push notifications provide clear and concise communication to your commuter population so that they're always informed about current parking conditions and policy, raising driver awareness and safety.

Improve the Driver Experience

Parking Made Punctual

  • Mobile visual assets (4)
    Reduce Accidents
  • Mobile visual assets
    Improves Compliance
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    Decrease Time Spent Parking

Level Up Your Customer Experience



  • Quick Setup

    No physical installations required

  • Integrations

    Pair with your current permit provider

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Hands on service when you need it

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