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Gives you a birds-eye view of your campus occupancy, allows you to manage and monitor lot inventory, while automating the data collection process to give you accurate daily KPIs based on historical data.

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Core Features

A tool that increases campus communication, aids understanding of parking behaviors, and informs your student body of live parking conditions to improve traffic flow and redirection.

  • Real time occupancy (3)

    Two-click Inventory Management

    Streamlines major traffic changes to commuters in real-time away from accidents, construction, or events. 

    Visually enforce parking rules and regulations communicated through the Map based on permit type.

    Helps commuters avoid lots that are closed.

  • W   maps parking occupancy (2)

    Enhance Your Field Visibility

    Use Parking Pin to see what parking lots have under- or over-utilized spaces, identify peak and non-peak times, and trigger enforcement procedures (sweeps).

  • Analytics

    Monitor Your Parking KPIs

    Measure how parking impacts campus traffic and save time on reporting through automation by decreasing human error in the data collection process.

    Examine and understand traffic forecast to guide campus planning.


Parking Made Punctual

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